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Compatibilidad, navegadores, móviles y HTML5

“Si funciona en Internet Explorer 6 o 7, funcionará en todos los navegadores.” Microsoft tiene ya desde hace tiempo la dudosa reputación de andar detrás de todas las innovaciones y convenciones en el mundo de las páginas web y navegadores. El resultado es que todo siempre funciona desde el principio en Chrome, Safari y Firefox. […]

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Selling Digital Goods Online: E-Commerce Services Compared

Simply upload images to a specific post in WordPress, and select the «Gallery» post format, and it will automatically turn into a nice slider. It also smoothly resizes the slider height depending on each image’s size.

Do you want thumbnails and sidebar instead?

(Update: As of Feather 1.2, we have added two new frontpage layouts. Make sure to check them out! Frontpage Boxed and Frontpage Wide. Available from October 23, 2012 and forward.) Feather supports this as well. All you need to do is pick «Show post thumbnails» instead of post formats, and enable the sidebar in admin […]

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Check out this link format post, the custom fields will only ask you for the title of the link, and the link itself. Then you can of course also add a description below, like this, using the normal textfield.